Tangled Tides - Karen Amanda Hooper Giraffe = me
Bird = book


Don't be lured by the pretty cover--trust me.

I'm frankly baffled by the high ratings for this book.

Yara, the main character, is whiny and insufferably immature. Treygan and Rownan are equally unlikeable, though Treygan has a little more depth. There is very little build up to when Yara becomes a mermaid (which happens around page 6), and from there, all she does is whine, moan, and worry about what her boyfriend would think of her being a "freak" (i.e. mermaid). There is no story development, and whatever revelations there are, Yara meets each of them with more whining. The story does get incrementally more interesting past the 100 page mark, but really, no book should take that long to become bearable.

Plus, does anyone else think that people should stop kidding themselves and call C-weed just "weed"?

I gave it a good shot, but I couldn't get through it. 1 star, and even that is being generous.