The Wallflower, Vol. 1 - Tomoko Hayakawa, David Ury One of my favorite manga series ever! The best way to describe The Wallflower is bizzaro and effing hilarious. It's the story of a gothic, agoraphobic, slasher movie fanatic named Sunako who busts out into nosebleeds whenever she sees beautiful men (i.e. Creatures of Light) and whose social circle is limited to her beloved "dolls" (a skeleton named Josephine, and two anatomical figures named Hiroshi and Akira). One day, her dark and horror film filled life is turned upside down when her aunt recruits four beautiful boys (i.e. Creatures of Light) as tenants in her mansion. Unbeknownst to Sunako, the aunt secretly offers free rent to the boys if they are willing and ready to make over Sunako into the beautiful, glamorous lady that she could be. And boy, do they really need the free rent! Too bad Sunako is determined to fight to remain in her dark, twisted shell, which is pretty scary when the girl exudes negative energy like The Grudge and knows Bruce Lee style karate.

Tomoko Hayakawa has a whacked out, belly achingly funny sense of humor--and the result is this clever series that twists common horror tropes into comedic plots. Definitely recommended for anyone who likes manga or funny reads.