Wool - Hugh Howey This is a short book, around 60 pages, and well worth the read if you have an hour to spare. Despite its length, the story was well paced and very well developed. I've read books that are more than four times as long with less going on than WOOL. The book description does a great job summarizing the plot, so all I’ll say on that end is that the plot is quite unique and keeps you guessing until the end.

Besides the story, what I liked the best about WOOL was how immediately familiar such a barren world felt. Living underground is a commonly used theme in post-apocalyptic fiction. However, in WOOL, the author goes one step further to get into the head of the main character and make us feel what he feels: the claustrophobia of living underground, the almost primal urge to feel something real and natural, not man-made.

The ending, while I was able to predict what would happen, still came as a shock to the senses. What I will say is that things do not appear as they seem, in more ways than one.

For its ingenuity and great storytelling, 4 STARS and highly recommended, especially for people who like post-apocalyptic settings.