Peony in Love - Lisa See I just couldn't finish it. And I tried. Really, really tried. Even after studying Chinese history extensively in college, I'm usually not very picky about the books that I read. I don't really care about the accuracy or the sequence of events, as long as it's a good story.

But maybe it's the cheesy title. Or maybe it's just too girly. Or maybe, just maybe, the fact that this foolish girl starved herself to death because of lovesickness was the last kick in the butt my usually sleepy (yet very existant) inner feminist could endure before waking and wanting to punch someone. I have enough idiots in my life to deal with. Please don't make me deal with more in my head. Granted, the book does somewhat cleverly depict the Chinese afterlife, but the rest was so blah and a little insulting to my intelligence and femininity. If I rolled my eyes any harder while reading this book, I would have fallen out of my chair.

I may return to skim through the pages again to finish but probably not anytime soon.