Magic Study - Maria V. Snyder In the spirit of my review of Poison Study yesterday, I felt compelled to review the second installment of the series...even though I didn't really finish reading it.

That's right, I didn't read all of it. I gave it a serious effort, perhaps up until the halfway mark. But then I skimmed until the 60% mark and dropped it.

I really couldn't get into the book. Yelena and I had never bonded even after the first book, so when she leaves the borders of Ixia to find her family, I found some of the reunion scenes very unrealistic. I also found Yelena's response to meeting her family ungrateful and rude. Furthermore, compared to the first book, the magical elements introduced in MAGIC STUDY seem as if we're talking about a different series altogether.

Also, Valek doesn't enter the scene until much, much later into the story. Given that one of the most redeeming factors of the first book was the chemistry between Yelena and Valek, I felt his absence very keenly.

This discontinuity of story and my inability to sympathize with Yelena made the book unbearably difficult to get through.

Plus, Yelena talks to her horse.

Yep. And the horse talks back. Like a REAL PERSON.

That's when I stopped reading.

1 star, and recommended only to die-hard Poison Study fans.