Shadowland - Meg Cabot This is a fun YA paranormal book with a peppering of romance. It's like a mix of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Veronica Mars, and the Sixth Sense (just the kid who can see dead people, none of the horror).

Yes, it's very girly. But it's also great entertainment for an audience who indulges in girliness every once in a while.

Suze, the protagonist, is a Mediator, someone who can communicate with the dead. In the beginning of the book, Suze moves to California from New York where she begins the year at a new school. She faces the customary YA issues (making friends, fitting in, etc.) except those quickly get pushed to the background when (1) Suze notices a vengeful ghost haunting the school, and (2) she finds a really hot ghost inhabiting her room.

In true Meg Cabot style, the book is a quick and fun read. Suze is already very aware of her Mediator skills, so the book is more action driven than reflective. The characters are also very likable. Suze is a tough, no-nonesense girl with a healthy interest in fashion. She's confident, capable, and comfortable in her own skin. Father Dominic was also a great addition. He's a caring and mature guardian whose genteel, old-school methods of dealing with spirits clash frequently with Suze's more rough and efficient solutions. Their numerous interactions provide a lot of comic relief through out the book.

Overall, a solid 4 stars. Recommended for those who want some light reading.