Improper Relations - Juliana Ross Actual rating: 2.5 stars, a cross between "It was okay" and "I like it." So I guess, "I kind of liked it."

I appreciate this ebook because it is a straightforward smut romp, and doesn't pretend to be anything else.

I despise it when clearly smutty books are wrapped up in flimsy, transparent plots and a host of painfully one-dimensional characters who justify their present libido with deep emotional scars from the past. It's cliche, hard to pull off in literature, and kind of an offensive blanket psychological assumption for people who actually did suffer emotional scarring. In most cases with books like these, we all know sex is the focus of the plot. So, let's be frank--your protagonist is a horn dog, okay? Just blame it on the hormones. No shame in that.

Juliana Ross isn't capable of writing in another genre or creating deep characters. On the contrary, she convinced me she can write for the erotica genre.

To actually review this book, I liked it for the most part. The writing was straight foward, and the protagonists were unapologetic, no-frills horn dogs. Which was kinda great and refreshing. The plotting was thin, but I didn't mind because I could enjoy the book without being overly concerned that the steamy scenes would be dampened by plot twists.

Good debut book, and I'd be interested to see what else the author will write.